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Your Mommy Kills Animals is a 2007 documentary film about the animal liberation movement directed by Curt Johnson and filmed in several locations across the United States. It takes its name from a PETA comic book.

The film reports on controversies concerning and within the animal rights movement. These include the external conflicts between animal rights advocates and medical researchers or restaurant operators, but also the internal disagreements within the animal rights movement, between the animal shelter operators and the radical confrontationalists who demonstrate outside homes of corporate opponents. The film also discusses the comparison between animal liberation activists and political terrorists, including the FBI's ranking of animal-rights activists as the nation's No. 1 domestic terrorism threat.


Maura Flynn and Curt Johnson agreed to make a documentary film focusing on PETA, which would take a critical view of the group's actions.[1] Corporate lobbyist Richard Berman invested $300,000 for the production of the film in return for the exclusive right to promote it.[1] Johnson later barred Flynn from involvement in the film, resulting in a film that gave "mostly favorable coverage of a different animal rights group".[1] Flynn, Berman, and their associates filed a suit claiming a declaration that Flynn was a joint author of the film as originally agreed, and damages awarded to Berman for Johnson's breach of their contract.[1] A jury trial granted both requests, awarding Berman $360,000 in damages.[1] Johnson appealed, his defense claiming a different test for joint ownership should have been used.[1] This was dismissed by the court, which also addressed an additional request by Johnson for a declaration that he was the sole promoter of the film, finding that it would be double recovery in addition to the monetary damages already awarded.[1]

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