The Young Greens of Canada is the youth arm of the Green Party of Canada and was formed at the 2006 leadership convention. The Young Greens are attempting to spread the Green message through the establishment of Green Party campus clubs at Canadian Universities. Currently 23 such Green political clubs exist. [1]


The Young Greens of Canada were formed at the 2006 national convention in Ottawa, their first meeting occurring in a packed corner of an Elephant and Castle restaurant.

The Young Greens CouncilEdit

The Young Greens of Canada are supported by a council of young greens who are elected each year by Green Party of Canada members who are under 30. The Young Greens Council (YGC) is governed by the Constitution of the Young Greens of Canada are produce an annual Progress Report. [2]

The UnderstoryEdit

The Understory is that part of the forest growing beneath or in the shade of the canopy. The Understory is also the bi-lingual e-newsletter of the Young Greens of Canada published approximately once per month. Youth that are growing in the Party and preparing to burst forth and lead the GPC in making Canada a sustainable society. The Understory publishes all that stuff going on in the shade—your opinions on Green politics, your artwork, your photos, and news from campus Greens across the country.

The Understory aims to provide an outlet for youth to become more involved in politics, a forum for youth to express ideas and facilitate green activism, and a means of networking with youth involved with the Greens at high schools, colleges, and universities.[3]


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