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Tofik Dibi (Vlissingen, 19 november 1980) is a Dutch politician for the GreenLeft.

Dibi studies Media and Culture at the University of Amsterdam, where he specialized in cinema. He combined his studies with activities in the Turkish Workers' Union in the Netherlands and in his own neighbourhood Bos en Lommer in Amsterdam. He initiated the national demonstration Stop Bush! organising protests when George W. Bush visited the Netherlands in 2005 and the national action committee Enough is Enough which was oriented against the discrimination of muslems.

In September 2006 he unexpectedly became seventh on the list of the GreenLeft for the 2006 elections. The GreenLeft screening commission called him "a political talent", to Dibi's own amazement, for he had not considered his candidacy all that serious[1]. Because of his background he will concentrate in the chances of young allochtoon (migrant) people in the large cities. At the time he was the youngest member of parliament. He was arrested and later released on January 13, 2007, whilst pamphlateering against Dutch MP Geert Wilders with members of the International Socialists at the Amsterdam Dam.[2]



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