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Theo Chino is a computer engineer for Time Warner Cable, and is a board member of the New York Chapter of the ADFE-Français du Monde. His father is French, his mother is Dominican, and he's lived in France and traveled the world.

He is running for Mayor of New York City, as a member of the Green Party, emphasizing campaign finance reform, smaller class sizes, better mass transportation and more participative democracy. He needs to gather 7500 signatures to obtain a position on the ballot. He wants to "include ethics, nonviolence, and environmental conservation in school curricula." He says, "I stand for affordable housing, better parks to welcome visitors from around the world, better school with smaller class sizes for all New Yorkers, Universal Healthcare, better streets and safer streets, better public transportation, and better life for all New Yorkers."[1]

The Green Party of New York has not formally endorsed his campaign, and some of his campaign tactics (mass emails to individuals and web sites associated with the Green Party across the country, spam by some people's definition) have produced controversy. As well, some GPNYS members are concerned by the fact that he only recently changed his voter registration to the Green Party (on April 1, 2005) and has no track record within the party and limited political experience (this is his first campaign for office, although he has worked with the Alaska PIRG on an oil related campaign). Others are impressed by the level of energy he is putting into his campaign, and see a tinge of racism in the way the discussion over his campaign is being framed (questions re: citizenship that are not normally asked of white candidates, for example).

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