Sean Maw is a Green politician in Calgary, Alberta. He works as an engineering instructor and student advisor for Mount Royal College in Calgary, where he teaches engineering design and mechanics.

Green Party of AlbertaEdit

Maw ran as the Green Party of Alberta candidate for MLA in the district of Calgary Varsity in the Alberta general election, 2008. He received 758 votes accounting for 5.2% of the total votes cast[1]

On September 30, 2006, Maw was elected as Membership Chair of the Green Party of Alberta.[2] He resigned from the position prior to completing the two year term.

On September 27, 2008, Maw chaired a meeting that is under dispute as to whether it stands as the annual general meeting of the party. [3]

Green Party of CanadaEdit

In the 2006 in the 2006 Canadian federal election, Maw ran as the Green Party of Canada candidate in Wild Rose. He finished second (albeit very distantly), a result that has been attributed mostly to the weakness of the Liberals and NDP in the riding. However, the result of 10.84% was still among the highest percentages received by Green Party candidates in that election.

Template:CanElec2 |- Template:Canadian politics/party colours/Conservative/row |Conservative |Myron Thompson |align="right"|39,487 |align="right"|72.16% |align="right"|+1.57% |align="right"| Template:Canadian politics/party colours/Green/row |Green |Sean Maw |align="right"|5,929 |align="right"|10.84% |align="right"|+2.58% |align="right"| Template:Canadian politics/party colours/Liberal/row |Liberal |Judy Stewart |align="right"|5,331 |align="right"|9.74% |align="right"|-2.90% |align="right"| Template:Canadian politics/party colours/NDP/row |New Democratic Party |Shannon Nelles |align="right"|3,972 |align="right"|7.26% |align="right"|-1.22% |align="right"| |- bgcolor="white" !align="right" colspan=3|Total valid votes !align="right"|54,719 !align="right"|100.00% !align="right"| |- bgcolor="white" !align="right" colspan=3|Total rejected ballots !align="right"| !align="right"| !align="right"| |- bgcolor="white" !align="right" colspan=3|Turnout !align="right"| !align="right"| !align="right"| Template:End


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