The Scottish Young Greens is the youth wing of the Scottish Green Party. It formally, and amicably, split from the Young Greens (of England and Wales) in 2003, more than ten years after their parent organisations had similarly split. The two still work closely together. Both are members of the Federation of Young European Greens.

Scottish Young Greens have had a certain amount of success in student politics, with both contemporary and recent former Presidents/Vice Presidents of Edinburgh University Students' Association and Glasgow University Students' Representative Council. The 2004-2005 Depute President of NUS Scotland, Phyl Meyer, is also a Young Green. Former Young Greens convener Ruth Cameron was the youngest candidate in the 2007 Scottish election.

Young Greens also ran the successful and widely covered campaign to elect Lothian Green MSP Mark Ballard as Rector of Edinburgh University.

The Scottish Young Greens have variously campaigned for the Scottish and UK Climate Bills, Fairtrade Universities, Votes at 16, a Free, Fair and Funded Education System, and against HMO Quotas. They gained substantial [media coverage] when in 2007 they revealed that Edinburgh university invested substantially in TOTAL Oil - biggest financial supporters of the Burmese Junta. Scottish Young Greens were also central to the preparations for the protests at the 2005 G8 Summit in Scotland.

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