Template:Anarchism sidebar Rewilding is the process of creating a lifestyle that is beyond domestication.[1] In green anarchism and anarcho-primitivism, humans are said to be "domesticated" by civilization. Supporters of such human rewilding argue that through the process of domestication, human wildness has been tamed and taken away.[2] Rewilding, then, is about overcoming human domestication and returning to the innate wildness. Though often associated with primitive skills and learning knowledge of wild plants and animals, it emphasizes primal living as a holistic reality rather than just a number of skills or specific type of knowledge.

Rewilding is most associated with green anarchy and anarcho-primitivism or anti-civilization anarchy in general,[3] though there is a large primitive living contingent who come at it from a less militant direction.[4]

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In the field of conservation biology, the term 'rewilding' refers to passive and active actions intended to result in the reintroduction of extirpated or once-native species back into natural landscapes. In North America, if the temporal benchmark for what constitutes native species is pre-Columbian (prior to the arrival of Christopher Columbus), then the action is a kind of deep-time rewilding, as in Pleistocene rewilding.

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