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The Queensland Greens is a Green party in the Australian state of Queensland, and a member of the federation of the Australian Greens. The party was founded in November 1991[1] and made its electoral debut at the 1993 federal election. Larissa Waters is the party's environment and justice system spokesperson, and was its lead Senate candidate at the 2007 federal election. The unofficial leader is Drew Hutton.[2]


As of the 2007 federal election, it was the only state Greens party that has failed to achieve parliamentary representation. The party had been unable to win seats in the Queensland Parliament, which uniquely of Australian state parliaments is unicameral and has no allowance for proportional representation. The party achieved its first parliamentary representative on October 5th 2008 when Ronan Lee defected to the Greens from the Australian Labor Party, due to his belief that the Bligh government was not paying enough attention to environmental issues.[3]

The Queensland Greens have enjoyed growing support in recent state elections, increasing their vote from 2.5 per cent at the 2001 election (when they contested 31 of the Parliament's 89 seats) to 6.76 per cent in 2004 (from 72 seats) and 7.99 per cent in 2006 (from 75 seats). Its Senate vote at the 2007 federal election increased to 7.5 per cent from 5.4 per cent in 2004.



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