Nick Wright was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and was the founding leader of the Green Party of Nova Scotia.


He attended Lakefield College School before moving to Halifax, Nova Scotia, where he received an Honours degree in Philosophy from the University of King's College, Halifax, and an MBA and law degree from Dalhousie University.


On March 5, 2006, Wright became the leader of the Green Party of Nova Scotia at the Party's founding convention—after winning a contested nomination vote over long time Green Party of Canada candidate and organizer Sheila Richardson.

On December 19, 2006 Wright announced that he would be stepping down as leader of the Green Party of Nova Scotia upon the completion of his term, which ended in May 2007.


In the 2006 Federal Election, Wright ran for the Green Party of Canada for the riding of Halifax and received 3.9% of the popular vote (1,948 votes), losing to NDP incumbent and former NDP federal and provincial leader Alexa McDonough.

Wright then led the Green Party of Nova Scotia through the June 13, 2006 Nova Scotia general election. He ran as a candidate for the district of Halifax Citadel and received 4.18% of the popular vote (292 votes), losing to NDP candidate Leonard Preyra.

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