The Nebraska Green Party is the state party organization for Nebraska of the Green Party of the United States.

The Nebraska Green Party is a small but swiftly growing party. In the 2004 election three Congressional candidates, Roy Guisinger, party Co-Chair Steve Larrick and Dante Salvatierra garnered a total of over 10,000 votes statewide. The party lost its ballot access after the 2004 general election. In order to maintain status as an officially recognized party in Nebraska, Green Party candidates must garner at least five percent of the vote in federal or state electoral races. In 2004, these offices were limited to President and the House of Representatives. This led to the Green Party being recognized in the 1st District but not in the 2nd District and 3rd District. Petition drives qualified the Greens in all three districts in 2006.

During the 2006 elections Doug Paterson received Over 5% of the vote for Secretary of State [1] earning the party Statewide Ballot Status for 2008.

According to Nebraska voter registration statistics there are 444 registered greens in the state. [2]

In November 2007 Steve Larrick declared his intention to run for US Senate in the 2008 elections [3]

Elected OfficialsEdit

Steve Larrick, Lower Platte 5, Natural Resources District, Lincoln

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