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The Maryland Green Party is the state party organization for Maryland of the Green Party of the United States.

The Maryland Green Party qualified as a recognized political party on August 17 2000,[1] since that time the party has grown dramatically and as of June 30 2007 there were 8,108 Greens in Maryland. [2]

During the 2006 elections U.S. Senate candidate Kevin Zeese became the first Maryland Green Party candidate for statewide office to be invited to debate the major party candidates. Zeese went on to win third place by getting over twenty-five thousand (25,000) votes. [3]

In April 2007, some say that the party had its first victory (although non-partisan) when one of its candidates Mike Cornell was elected with 88 votes [4] to the Columbia Council, an unincorporated community run by a nonprofit homeowners association known as of the Columbia Association in Columbia. Cornell is one of 10 representatives that form the Columbia Council. Residents elect council representatives from each of Columbia's nine villages and Town Center [5]. This position is not a government office.

In the November 2007 elections Dan Robinson was elected to the non-partisan seat of Takoma Park Town Council Ward 3. He finished first of two candidates for one seat with 234 votes or 67.6% [6]. Robinson ran for the same office in 2003 finishing 2nd in a two candidate race with 183 votes, or 35%[7].

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