Lorna Salzman has been an American environmental activist, writer, lecturer and organizer since the mid-1960s and was a candidate for the 2004 presidential nomination of the Green Party (GPUS).

Salzman was hired by the late David Brower, founder and president of Friends of the Earth (FOE), as the regional representative of FOE and held that position for nearly ten years, concentrating on anti-nuclear work and on coastal zone and wetlands protection on eastern Long Island. In the mid-1980s she was an editor at American Birds magazine, published by the National Audubon Society, and soon after became Executive Director of Food & Water Inc., an anti-food irradiation group. From 1992 to 1995 she was a natural resources specialist in the Natural Resources Unit of the New York City Department of Environmental Protection. In 1985 she co-founded the New York Greens, later called the NY Green Party, and in the late 1990s she ran for Congress and the US Senate on the Peconic Greens and Green Choice parties respectively. In 2002, she was the Green Party candidate for the US House of Representatives in the Template:Ushr in Suffolk County, Long Island NY. She is a member of the State Committee of the Green Party of New York State. Her top priorities are: carbon taxes to start reducing fossil fuel consumption; universal single payer health care funded through the income tax; ending corporate subsidies and tax breaks; moving to full cost pricing of all goods; abolishing the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and World Trade Organization (WTO) and drastically reforming the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank; reviving a nationalized rail and freight system; promoting maximum biodiversity; shutting down nuclear power plants; protecting women's rights globally; redefining national security as security in energy, transportation and public health. She is a member of the New York Academy of Sciences, and in 2000 she received the international Earth Day Award from the Earth Society Foundation for her committed environmental work. Salzman is a graduate of Cornell University,[1]

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