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Persons that were or are important in and for Green parties around the world. See also: Category:Green politicians

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The member parties of the Global Greens (see for details) are organised into four continental federations [1].

The European Federation of Green Parties formed itself as the European Green Party on 22 February, 2004, in the run-up to European Parliament elections in June, 2004, a further step in trans-national integration.

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A few issues affect most of the green parties around the world, and can often inhibit global cooperation. Some affect structure, and others affect policy:

On matters of ecology, extinction, biosafety, biosecurity, safe trade and health security, "Greens" generally agree. There are very substantial policy differences between and among Green Parties in various countries and cultures, and a continuing debate about the degree to which natural ecology and human needs align. Agreement on particular issues is often reached using a consensus decision making process.





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"Green" articles that don't relate in any way to Green politics or parties

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