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The National Lavender Greens Caucus (NLGC) is the United States Green Party's advocacy group on gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer (GLBTIQ) issues and is an officially accredited (recognized) Identity Caucus of the Green Party. NLGC works for the elimination of heterosexism and all its manifestations such as homophobia, violence, prejudice, and injustice against GLBTIQ communities. NLGC also works for the elimination of racism and sexism and all their manifestations in GLBTIQ communities and in society as a whole. Their work is centered in the Ten Key Values and the Four Pillars of the Green Party (statements of core principles held in common by Green Party organizations and individuals world wide). It is the view of the NLGC that freedom and social justice for GLBTIQ individuals will only come with the liberation of all people, and they actively view themselves as part of the broader movement for social justice in the United States and worldwide.

State and local chapters exist across the country , and two Lavender Greens served in elected office as of August 2005. Green Party members may join the National Lavender Greens Caucus by visiting their web site and filling out a membership form.

The current elected chair of the NLGC is Jason Jones. The initial elected chair was Brandon Lacy Campos.

The Green Party's platform supports same-sex marriage, medical marijuana, needle exchanges, subsidized access to HIV/AIDS medications, equality in all areas of life and law, and ending discrimination in the military against GLBTIQ individuals.

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