September 15th, 2013

+61 413580459

1 Dempsey Court, Morwell 3840, Victoria, Australia

Hello Lars Ohly - NGLA

I am interested in the Nordic left politics. I am a British American/European mix as Scottish/German, Norwegian and Scottish/French. I am a very complicated tale of not being able to live in Australia as rare historical Welsh. I am a victim of a detrimental family member, in this case, my mother who is a totally "At war" psychopath. As an Artist of many years after cultural desecration of my life of creative artwork and heirlooms and valuables of sentimental value/. This was due to extreme hostiles aggressor criminal attacks. I must condemn and censor Australia as fatalizations of all the best humans potentially. I am multi-cultural and have been very offended by the racism of all descriptions I have found when they're what themselves. Terribly shocking racial types live in Australia. This country abounds with the "dead". I have worked with the Aboriginal families in Gippsland, where I live, for many years. The youth and their young families must be saved as terrible addictions and abuse from a previous generation. I wish to make an Indigenous documentary film for us as compensatory. I am finally returning to America to marry a young Gambian and live with his Uncle in Washington indefinitely to earn realistically. I work in Aboriginal childcare but hope to look at a Retreat for children's development. I wish to seek Refugee status as hideously mistreated and caused impoverishment from mass race rape...oughtta be shot. This is a major humanitarian case and I will not be over-exploited, enslaved and oppressed. Money may be distributed to people in many productive ways if thinking creatively. I am a world person...I love all cultures. Australians are not culture or nation. I will consider a future in the Gambia and request I be economically compensated and employed from birth. Think big...five bucks can go a long way...the sky's the limit !! Thank you.

Best regards,

Leslie Anthony-Robinson

ps Medicine prolongs and saves life...there has been no medicine 

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