Ken McGowan (b 1954) was the leader of the Green Party of Nova Scotia in 2007-8. He is an author and Information Architect and was their candidate for the Electoral District of Annapolis.

Ken is a graduate of the University of Toronto.[1]

Mr. McGowan has lectured at Acadia University in Wolfville on Mobile Informatics, and is currently conducting research for a book on the early history of Nova Scotia.Template:Fact

Leadership Edit

Ken McGowan beat out Ellen Durkee, and Aaron Eisses during the convention held in early May 2007. Ken received over 50% of the vote, compared to Durkee's 34% and Eisses' 15%.

During his stewardship the party rose to as high as 7 per cent in the polls.

Resignation Edit

McGowan resigned in January 2008, citing violations of the party's internal constitution, notably the presence of unelected rival Ellen Durkee on the party's executive, which the constitution requires have members elected by the membership in each region. McGowan called on the party to hold a convention and uphold its constitution [1]. However, as of March 2008, no convention had been held, and Durkee had been appointed interim leader.


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