Template:Unreferenced Kathryn Cholette served as leader of the Green Party of Canada from 1988 to 1990. Just prior to the end of her term as leader, Cholette publicly resigned her post in an article entitled, "Why I Left The Green Party". She was the first woman elected to lead a federal political party in Canada, preceding Audrey McLaughlin by a year.

Kathryn was a co-coordinator (with Frank Cox and Kel Kelly) of the Tin Wis Coalition in British Columbia. The Tin Wis Coalition brought together First Nation Peoples, Labour Unions and Environmental Groups to discuss the concerns they held in common, such as forestry issues.

She was an early activist in the Green Cities Movement including the effort to create a sustainable community in Vancouver, BC's South False Creek area. (Now the site of Vancouver's Olympic Village for the 2010 Olympic Games).

In 2007 with Dr. Fred Bass and Brad Hornick, she founded the group "Community Climate Change" which holds Climate Change Cafes in the neighbourhoods of Vancouver. At these Cafes people are encouraged to make the changes needed to address Climate Change, the impending economic crisis that will be caused in reaching the peak level of oil reserves and shortages of other crucial resourses, and the global social justice crisis.

Kathryn completed a Masters degree in Liberal Studies at Simon Fraser University.

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