John Johnson was a Green Party of Canada candidate in the 2006 federal election in Canada, in the riding of Calgary Centre. His campaign was the third most successful campaign of a Green candidate in that election after Shane Jolley in Bruce—Grey—Owen Sound and the candidate in the Calgary Centre-North riding.

Electoral recordEdit

Template:CanElec2 |- Template:Canadian politics/party colours/Conservative/row |Conservative |Lee Richardson |align="right"|30213 |align="right"|55.7% |align="right"|+4.5% |align="right"| Template:Canadian politics/party colours/Liberal/row |Liberal |Heesung Kim |align="right"|10464 |align="right"|19.3% |align="right"|-10.5% |align="right"| Template:Canadian politics/party colours/NDP/row | style="width: 160px" |New Democratic Party |Brian Pincott |align="right"|7227 |align="right"|13.3% |align="right"|+4.8% |align="right"| Template:Canadian politics/party colours/Green/row |Green |John Johnson |align="right"|6372 |align="right"|11.7% |align="right"|+1.8% |align="right"| |- bgcolor="white" !align="right" colspan=3|Total valid votes !align="right"| !align="right"|100.00% !align="right"| |- bgcolor="white" !align="right" colspan=3|Total rejected ballots !align="right"| !align="right"| !align="right"| |- bgcolor="white" !align="right" colspan=3|Turnout !align="right"| !align="right"| !align="right"| Template:End

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