John David Ford is a Canadian federal politician and the current CEO of the Ottawa South Green Party Riding Association.

Ford ran for the Green Party of Canada in the 2004 federal election in the riding of Ottawa South and won 3,398 votes (5.74%), finishing fourth; the winner was David McGuinty of the Liberal Party of Canada. Ford was nominated unopposed by the Ottawa South Greens to run again in the Canadian federal election, 2006 on August 29, 2005. In the election he finished fourth again behind McGuinty and received a reduced 2,913 votes (4.7%).

Born in Toronto, Ford helped Ottawa South provincial candidate David Chernushenko on his campaign in the 2003 provincial election. Privately, Ford runs an energy audit business and served on the board of directors for the Ottawa Bicycle Club. In Toronto, Ford worked for IBM, and in Ottawa he has provided analysis and problem solving skills for local high-tech and telecommunication companies. He also writes a monthly newspaper column and has a degree in electrical engineering.Template:Ontario-politician-stub

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