Jim Sykes (born 1952 in Rapid City, South Dakota) is a journalist (primarily radio), producer, and Alaskan politician and founder of the Green Party of Alaska. In 1990 he ran for governor on the Green Party ticket and gained more than 3% of the vote, thus establishing the first state ballot access for the Green Party in the United States. He continues to be active in Green Party politics, most recently running for US Senate in 2004.

He and his wife live in the Palmer area in a solar-powered straw-bale house.

Election ResultsEdit

  • 1990 - Governor - (Not Elected) 6,563 votes, for 3.3% of total vote
  • 1994 - Governor - (Not Elected) Place: 4 of 5 running 8,727 votes, for 4.1% of total vote [1]
  • 2002 - U.S. Senate - (Not Elected) Place: 3 of 5 running 16,608 votes, 7.24% of total vote [2]
  • 2004 - U.S. Senate - (Not Elected) Place: 7 of 7 running 3,039 votes, 0.99% of total vote[3]Template:US-journalist-stub


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