Dr. Jill Stein (born 1950) is a physician and Green-Rainbow Party activist residing in Lexington, Massachusetts. She is a 1979 graduate of Harvard Medical School. [1]

She serves on the boards of Greater Boston Physicians for Social Responsibility and MassVoters for Fair Elections, and has been active recently with the Massachusetts Coalition for Healthy Communities.


Governor, 2002Edit

She was the Green-Rainbow Party candidate for governor of Massachusetts in 2002. She gained widespread approval for her strong performance in the debates, but this failed to translate into success at the ballot box, coming third in the field of five with 76,530 votes and about 3.5% of the vote.

Massachusetts House of Representatives, 2004Edit

Following her defeat to Mitt Romney, Stein ran for state representative in 2004 for the Ninth Middlesex District. Template:Fact She received 21.3% of the vote, ahead of Republican Linda Fosburg, with 18.9% of the vote, but behind the Democratic incumbent Thomas M. Stanley, who received 59.6% of the vote.[2]

Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth, 2006Edit

She was nominated for Secretary of the Commonwealth on March 4, 2006, at the Green-Rainbow Party state-wide nominating convention.

Dr. Stein was the sole challenger to three-term incumbent Democrat Bill Galvin for the post. The general election was held on November 7 2006. Stein was able to capitalize of this head to head match up and received 353,551 votes for 18% of the total vote.[1] Jill's 18% marks the best finish for a Green Party candidate running for Secretary of State in any state to date.

Electoral historyEdit

Town Meeting Seat, 2005Edit

Stein was elected to the Town Meeting Seat, Precinct 2 (N. Waltham, Middlesex County) in march 2005 local elections. She finished first of 16 candidates running for 7 seats receiving 539 votes, for 20.6% of the total vote. Stein has declared that she is running for re-election in 2008.



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