Template:Animal rights The Hunt Retribution Squad (HRS) is a name used by militant animal rights activists that are willing to inflict harm on those involved in blood sport.Template:Fact The direct action group was reported as having been set up in 1984. [1]


No guidelinesEdit

Unlike other militant animal rights activists that advocate violence, such as the Justice Department or Revolutionary Cells--Animal Liberation Brigade, the HRS did not appear to release a manifesto or set of guidelines upon forming.


John Curtin, who helped form the HRS in 1984, claimed on the Bite Back website, that they had plans to use violence against those involved in hunts. He also claimed that the HRS "play with the media a bit" and said that "I don’t know if we are violent people." [2] The name was then reused years later in 2000 and 2007.

Direct actionEdit

December 1984Edit

On Boxing day 1984, Curtin and others made an attempt to dig up the head of the ex-master of the Duke of Beaufort foxhunt, friend of the Queen and the Tenth Duke, Hugh Arthur Fitzroy Somerset, from his grave. The Badmington Parish church graveyard was also vandalised with paint and had the cross taken. The HRS claimed to the Press Association after digging three feet down into his grave that: "The intention was to remove the remains fromt he grave and to scatter him around Worcester Lodge. We also planned to remove his head and dispatch it to Princess Anne, a fellow blood junkie." [3] Since the graveyard incident, a number of suspects had been rounded up on suspicion of the act, with two that were later charged. John Curtin and Terry Helsby were sentenced to two years imprisonment, after Terry's mother noticed him from the publicity photograph that the group had sent to the media of them in the graveyard. [3][4]

February 2000Edit

A week after a hit and run, by a hunt supporter in a 4x4, of hunt saboteur Steve Christmas, which resulted in him being airlifted to hospital and put under intensive care, HRS sent a member of the hunt a letter, claiming they were now considered legitimate targets and calling for an immediate end to hunting. [5]

December 2007Edit

Two homes in Wales had property spray painted, which belonged to the joint-master and hunt secretary of the Golden Valley Hunt. The activist only left initials for anti-hunting groups the ALF (Animal Liberation Front) and HRS.[6]

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