Template:Infobox Political Party Template:Green politics sidebarTemplate:Politics of Poland Greens 2004 (Zieloni 2004) is Poland's Green Party. Their name is the Polish word for ‘green’, declined in the plural.

Greens 2004 co-operate with Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament and are members of European Green Party. In the first elections in which they took part - the elections to the European Parliament they received 0.27% of the votes. In the 2005 Polish parliamentary elections, the Greens signed an agreement with a social democratic party - Socjaldemokracja Polska who won 3.89% of the votes (the actual Greens portion of the vote was 0.2%). The Greens supported Marek Borowski, the leader of social democrats, in the presidential elections of 2005, who managed 10.33% of the votes.

In the Polish parliamentary elections of 2007, the Greens contested one district independently in the Senate. The party is not currently represented in either the Sejm or the Senate.

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Sources for expansion of the article might be: homepage of the party, in Polish, European Green Party's Zieloni 2004 sub-site and Zieloni 2004 at Eurogreens.

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