Template:Unreferenced Template:Green politics sidebar Template:Politics of Philippines The Green Party of the Philippines is a concept initially proposed by the Philippine Greens, an environmentalist movement in the country. The party would be established when Green activists have managed to build organized mass constituencies and Philippine electoral processes have been sufficiently cleaned up. From the Philippine Greens' perspective, the Green Party remains a concept that all Green-oriented groups and individuals can work towards. Currently no Philippine Green member occupies any official position.

However, other groups outside the Philippine Greens have also indicated their intention to set up a Green Party in the Philippines.

Officially, there is no green party registered with the Commission on Election today. In the first party list elections in 2002, Green Philippines header by Sarge Colambo ran and lost. Following the rules on party list elections, by now the registration of Green Philippines as a party list organization has already expired for not having won for the past 2 consecutive party list elections.

There are currently two "Green" parties in the Philippines, the Philippine Green Republican Party headed by Felix Cantal who run and lost as an independent candidate in the 2007 senatorial elections and the Partido Kalikasan (Phil. Green Party), founded on December 6, 2003. Partido Kalikasan has members nationwide. One of its chapters, the Cagayan de Oro Chapter in Northern Mindanao participated in the 2004 local election as Partido Kalikasan. In 2007 Partido Kalikasan groups in Victoria, Oriental Mindoro and Tanauan, Batangas formed tactical alliance with existing local chapters of registered national political parties who carried their green political agenda. The Partido Kalikasan and the Philippine Greens are both members of the Asia Pacific Greens Network which meet in February 2005 in Kyoto.

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