Template:Green politics sidebar The Green Party of Saudi Arabia (or Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Green Party) is a clandestine political organization in Saudi Arabia, created in 2001. As political parties are banned in the Kingdom, it operates secretly and illegally. Both Saudi citizens and expatriates participate in its activities, which are aimed at promoting the values of the worldwide Green movement.

10 basic values Edit

The ten basic values or policy positions of the GPSA are similar to the ten principles of the United States Green Party:

  1. Grassroots Democracy
  2. Social Justice and Equal Opportunity
  3. Ecological Wisdom
  4. Non-Violence
  5. Decentralization
  6. Community-based Economics and Economic Justice
  7. Feminism and Gender Equity
  8. Respect for Multicultural Diversity and Biodiversity
  9. Personal and Global Responsibility
  10. Future Focus and Sustainability

Relationship to the government Edit

The GPSA is supportive of the government's attempts to gradually reform Saudi political and social life. It envisions a constitutional monarchy and a bicameral parliament as provided for in a secular constitution. The Green Party does not support the violent overthrow of the Kingdom's current institutions.

Online Edit

The Green Party of Saudi Arabia website includes documents produced by the Green Party on issues such as World AIDS Day, women's emancipation, and the execution of homosexuals.

External linksEdit

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