Template:Infobox Canada Political Party The Green Party of Prince Edward Island is a registered provincial political party in Prince Edward Island, Canada led by Sharon Labchuk. While registration only took place in 2005, the Green Party of Canada (GPC) has run candidates in PEI off and on over the years.


The Green Party of PEI ran 18 candidates during its first election, in May 2007, winning 3.04% of the vote or 4.44% in ridings contested, and replacing the Island New Democrats as the Island's third party. The result had marked the first time a Green Party has bested a New Democratic Party at the federal or provincial level in Canada at that time[1].

A third of all candidates captured more than 5.40% and a quarter of all candidates captured more than 6.03%[2]. Jamie Larkin had the best result of 8.45% followed by dentist Peter Bevan-Baker 6.84%, Cindy Burton 6.68%, Party leader Sharon Labchuk 6.03%, Denise Reiser 5.79%, and Jodie Bowmaster 5.40%.

All other candidates captured less then 5.0%, however 14 out of the 18 candidates had placed ahead of the NDP, two of the four candidates who finished fourth did so by just one and two votes.

The party ran a candidate in the 2007 by-election[3] to replace Pat Binns in the riding of Belfast-Murray River. Candidate Ahmon Katz finished 3.2% ahead of NDP candidate Jane McNeil.


Electoral recordEdit

General election # of candidates # of elected candidates  % of popular vote  % of vote in contested ridings # of votes
2007 18 0 3.04% 4.44% 2,482
By-election Date Candidate name  % of popular vote
Belfast-Murray River October 15, 2007 Ahmon Katz 3.62%



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