Template:Infobox American Political Party The Green Party of New York is a political party in that state. It is a part of the wider Green Party movement.


The Green Party of New York had its roots in local Green organizing of the mid-eighties. In 1998 the Green Party in New York achieved ballot status when its candidate for governor, Al Lewis, received over 50,000 votes. [1] Ralph Nader received 244,030 votes for President on the Green Party line in 2000. [2] As provided under election law, the party formed a State Committee, several County Committees, and set up County Organizations. The party lost ballot status in 2002, when gubernatorial candidate Stanley Aronowitz received only 41,727 votes. [3].

From 2003-2004 the Green Party had a city council majority (3 of 5 seats), in the Village of New Paltz, NY. [2] this was the third-ever Green city council majority in the United States. New Paltz also elected a Green mayor Jason West in 2003.

The party's petition for the 2004 Presidential election was successfully challenged and no candidate appeared on the ballot on the Green line. National Green Party nominee David Cobb received 138 votes in New York as a write in candidate. Meanwhile, Nader received 15,626 votes, appearing on the Peace and Justice Party ballot line. [4].

In 2006, the party nominated Malachy McCourt for governor and failed to obtain ballot status by garnering only 40,729 votes. Down-ticket candidates Rachel Treichler for Attorney General and Julia Willebrand for Comptroller fared better, but these votes do not count towards earning ballot status, and neither of these candidates were elected. The party also nominated Howie Hawkins for Senate who constantly criticized incumbent Democrat Hillary Clinton for, among other things, her pro-war stance.

Green Party of New York platformEdit

The platform of the GP in NY is based upon the Four Pillars of the Green Party that originated with European Green Parties. The Pillars are included in and expanded on in the Ten Key Values of the Green Party.

The official Green Party platform in New York is set by The Green Party of New York State Committee.[5]

Current officeholdersEdit

As of March 18th 2008, there are two Green Mayors in NY, Mike Sellers of Cobleskill, New York [6] and David Doonan of the Village of Greenwich [3] [4].

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