The Green Party of Michigan is the state party organization for Michigan of the Green Party of the United States. The party has had ballot access in Michigan since November 2000. JoAnne Beemon became the first Green elected in Michigan when on election day 2000 she received 5,349 votes, (86%) to become Drain Commissioner in Charlevoix. The party is a member of the Michigan Third Parties Coalition.[1]

Elected officials Edit

As of May 2008 there were 3 elected Green officeholders in Michigan. [1]

  • Jim Moreno, City Council, Mount Pleasant
  • Melissa Hohausher-Thatcher, School Board, Ferndale and Pleasant Ridge (Oakland County)
  • David Newland, School Board, Bellaire

Korine Bachleda won the office of Newberg Township Clerk in 2006 as a write-in, then later asked the Cass County Clerk's office to list her as a Green. She is running for re-election in 2008 as a Green, having been nominated by GPMI at its state convention July 26-27 in Marshall. [2] [3]

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