The Green Party of Canada ran a number of candidates in the 1993 federal election, none of whom were elected. Information about these candidates may be found here.

Richard Roy (Parkdale—High Park)Edit

Roy was a secretary at the time of the election. His campaign seems to have been based on eco-capitalist lines. A newspaper article from the period cites him as favouring the following policies: retrofitting energy-inefficient buildings, providing financial incentives for organic farmers and reducing or eliminating income taxes (Toronto Star, 22 October 1993). He received 430 votes (1.05%), finishing sixth against Liberal incumbent Jesse Flis.

In 2002, a Toronto man named Richard Roy wrote that Ontario's composting policies left open the possibility for E.coli contamination in the province's produce (Toronto Star, 17 September 2002). It is likely that this is the same person.

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