Template:Infobox Norwegian political party Template:Green politics sidebar Miljøpartiet De Grønne (Template:Lang-en, Template:Lang-nn, Template:Lang-sme) is a Norwegian political party, formed in October 1988 from a number of local environmental election lists. The party has no members of parliament (gaining 0.1 % in the 2005 elections), but has some representation in municipality councils (gaining 0.7 % in the 2007 elections).

The party does not have a leader in the traditional sense, rather it is led by the national board which consists of five persons. Among the board members, two persons (currently Hanna Elise Marcussen and Sondre Båtstrand), act as national spokespersons for the party. All party representatives are elected during the annual party convention.

Miljøpartiet De Grønne is a member of the European Greens and the Global Greens.

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