Template:Infobox Czech Political Party Template:Green politics sidebar The Green Party (Strana zelených in Czech) is a political party in the Czech Republic.

The party was founded in February 1990 but for a long time it struggled to obtain significant influence in Czech politics. In the 2002 legislative elections the party received 2.4% of the vote. Internal conflicts and constant bickering were covered by the media much more than party's political aims but changes in the policy in the party were made after the general party congress in September 2005. The new chairman, former environment minister Martin Bursík, focuses much more on the political aims and their propagation in media. Part of the intra-party opposition left the party and they tried to found a new political party.

The party holds a single seat (Jaromír Štětina) in the Senate (upper house of the Parliament of the Czech Republic). In the 2006 legislative elections the party received 6.3% of the vote and thus won six seats in the lower house - the Chamber of Deputies:

One week before the elections, several left-oriented members were purged, after calling for voters to vote for the Social Democrats instead of the Greens. This included Eva Holubová, number two in Moravian-Silesian Region.

The Green Party is part of the governing coalition, together with the Civic Democrats (ODS) and the Christian Democrats (KDU–ČSL) since January 2007. For more details see Mirek Topolánek's Second Cabinet.

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