Template:Infobox Political Party Template:Politics of CroatiaTemplate:Green politics sidebar Green List of Croatia (Croatian: Zelena lista) is leading green party in Croatia with no parliamentary representation. It was created in 2005 for local elections for Zagreb Assembly. It was firstly named Greens for Zagreb (Zeleni za Zagreb). The party is represented in six of Zagreb's city quarters (Gradska četvrt) and in the municipality council of Šolta.[1] As well as their green politics, the party strongly supports gender equality, equal representation and participation of genders and LGBT rights. The party is against NATO membership.

2007 electionsEdit

These are the first parliamentary elections for the Green List for which the has party put forward candidates, contesting 7 of 12 of the multi-member constituencies.` In their program they warned of the dangers of global warning and advocated measures such as removing the legal barriers they believe holds back small scale solar power and ensuring that small scale producers will be paid for surpluses.[2] It is the first political party in Croatia to have included a LGBT program for any election campaign.[1][2]

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