Template:Green politics sidebar The Federation of the Green Parties of the Americas is the organization of Green parties in North America and South America. The Federation is one of four of its kind around the world; three other federations exist on other continents. The principal office of the organization is located in Mexico City. The presidency of the organization consists of three Co-Presidents, namely Julia Willebrand (United States of America), Jorge González Torres (Mexico) and Marco Antonio Mroz (Brazil).

In North America, Green parties are organized at the state or province level; in South America, they are organized by country. Many Greens focus on grassroots activism rather than state and national politics; "Think globally, act locally" is a common slogan among Greens. This organization is also especially concerned with the kidnapping case of Ingrid Betancourt.

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el:Ομοσπονδία Πράσινων Κομμάτων Αμερικής fr:Fédération des Partis verts des Amériques sh:Federacija Zelenih stranaka Amerika

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