Template:Primarysources Template:Infobox European Political Youth Organisation The Federation of Young European Greens AISBL is a federation of green youth organisations from all over Europe (both EU and non-EU). It is the official youth wing of the European Green Party european political party. It works closely together with CDN in Eastern Europe.

Full members status is held to the European Youth Forum (YFJ) which operates within the Council of Europe and European Union areas and works closely with both these bodies.

The Federation is run by an Executive Committee of 9 young people.


Country or Region Name (original language) Name (translation) Status
Template:AUT Plattform Grünalternativer Jugendorganisationen Platform of Green-Alternative Youth Organisations Member
Template:BEL Jong Groen! Young Green! Member
Template:BEL EcoloJ Member
Template:BGR Зелена партия Младежки клуб Green Party Youth Club Member
Template:Flag Joves d'Esquerra Verda Youth of the Green Left Member
Template:CYP Νεολaίa Οικολόγων Youth of Cyprus Greens Member
Template:CZE Mladi Zeleni Young Greens Member
Young Greens of England and Wales Member
Template:FIN Vihreiden nuorten ja opiskelijoiden liitto Green Youth and Students League Member
Template:FRA Jeunes Verts Young Greens Member
Template:DEU Grüne Jugend Green Youth Member
Template:HUN ZöFi (Zöld Fiatalok) Hungarian Young Greens Member
Template:IRL Óige Ghlas Young Greens Member
Template:LUX Dei Jonk Greng Young Greens Member
Template:MKD Youth of The Ecologists' Movement Member
Template:MLT Alternattiva Demokratika Zghazagh Youth of the Democratic Alternative Member
Template:NLD DWARS Contrary Member
Template:NOR Grønn Ungdom Green Youth Member
Template:POL Ostra Zielen Young Greens Member
Template:POR Ecolojovem Ecolo youth Member
Template:SCO Young Greens Member
Template:SRB Zelena Omladina Young Greens Member
Template:SUI Junge Grüne Schweiz
Jeunes Vert-e-s Suisses
Giovani Verdi Svizzera
Young Greens Switzerland Member
Template:UKR Zelena Molod Ukrainy Green Youth Ukraine Member
Template:ALB Te Rinjte e Gjelber Youth of the Greens Candidate
Template:AND Joventut d'Esquerra Verda Youth of the Green Left Candidate
Template:GRE Iliosporoi Candidate
Template:ITA Giovani Verdi Young Greens Member
Template:ROU Asociatia VERZII Association of Greens Member
Template:ESP Jovenes Verdes Young Greens Member
Template:TUR Genc Yesiller Young Greens Member
Template:SWE Grön Ungdom Green Youth Member
Template:GEO ?? Georgian Young Greens Candidate
Eastern Europe Cooperation and Development Network Eastern Europe Observer

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