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The Ecologist Greens (Template:Lang-el, Oikologoi Prasinoi) is a Greek Green political party. It was founded in December 2002 by members of the organization "Green Politics" (Template:Lang-el, Prasini Politiki), a member of the European Federation of Green Parties.

With the 2007 Greek legislative election, its first general election, the party became the sixth largest party in Greece and the largest party without parliamentary representation.

It is a member of the European Green Party.


Its basic aims are:

  • sustainability and social justice
  • non-violence
  • direct and participatory democracy
  • respect for diversity
  • decentralization
  • protection and re-establishment of natural ecosystems
  • quality of life
  • individual and social responsibility

In the 2006 Greek local elections, the party participated in two electoral ecological coalitions in Athens and Thessaloniki as well as 53 other municipal and prefectoral areas.

At its 5th Congress in March 2007, the party decided to contest the 2007 Greek legislative election.

2007 electionEdit

Nanos Valaoritis, a distinguished living Greek poet, is the party's leading candidate in the 2007 Greek legislative election. The inclusion of additional artist candidates (such as sculptors, painters) indicate that the party enjoys some support among the Greek art community.

2008 CongressEdit

During 29 & 30 of March 2008 the annual congress of the party took place in Athens at the Gini building of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). The annual congress is the highest political entity of the party and was attended by a record of 235 members. Members of the party are recently (September 2008) reaching 700.

Electoral results Edit

Results since 2004
(year links to election page)
Year Type of Election Votes % Mandates
<center> 40,873 <center> 0.67 <center> 0
2006 <center> Local (Athens Municipality ) <center> 3,822 <center> 1.39 <center> 0
2006 <center> Local (Prefecture of Thessaloniki) <center> 25,655 <center> 4.6 <center> 2
2007 <center> Legislative <center> 75,529 <center> 1.05 <center> 0

External links Edit

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