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Douglas Campbell (born March 31, 1959)[1] is a two-time Green Party Candidate [2] (2002 and 2006) for Governor of Michigan [3] and a 2008 candidate for the United States House of Representatives. In 2002 Campbell received 25,236 votes.[4] During the 2002 campaign he claimed he was beaten, arrested and jailed (in Brighton, Michigan) for attempting to participate in a gubernatorial debate from which he was excluded, at the time being the only candidate who was not either a Republican or Democrat.[5]. In 2006 Campbell received 20,009 votes.[6].

Campbell, a registered professional engineer and published Atheist from Ferndale, joined the Green party upon learning of its existence in 2000 [3], and was the Wayne-Oakland-Macomb county campaign coordinator for Green Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader, 2000 [1]. On May 19, 2007 at the Green Party of Michigan State Membership Meeting Campbell was elected to be a Delegate to Green Party National Committee [7] On August 2, 2008 Campbell was nominated at the Oakland County Caucus to be the party's candidate for Michigan's 9th congressional district [1].




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