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The Citizenship, Action, Participation for the 21st Century (French: Citoyenneté Action Participation pour le 21ème siècle) is a minor green political party in France, founded by Corinne Lepage in 1996 as a political reflection club. It evolved into a political party by year 2000. Lepage was the party's candidate in the French presidential election, 2002 and obtained 1.88% of the votes. Lepage claimed to stand for an independent and centrist green voice, as opposed to Noël Mamère, who was the candidate of the Green Party, which is close to the left. The party later refused to join the new centre-right UMP.

In 2007, after dropping out of the presidential race, Lepage endorsed François Bayrou's centrist candidacy and CAP21 ran around 20 candidates with Bayrou's new Democratic Movement, in the subsequent legislative election. It failed to elect any deputy.

The party is now affiliated with the MoDem and are very close. Corinne Lepage serves in the MoDem leadership as a Vice President.

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