For the founder of the Pillsbury Company, see Charles Alfred Pillsbury.

Charles A. Pillsbury is a mediator, lawyer, and community activist in New Haven, Connecticut, where he is the executive director of Community Mediation, Inc. He is the great-grandson of Charles Alfred Pillsbury, founder of the Pillsbury Company in 1872. He is also the source of the name of the comic strip character Mike Doonesbury (a combination of the boarding school slang, nickname "doone" and his surname.)

Pillsbury became actively involved in politics when he worked on the presidential campaign of Democrat Eugene McCarthy in 1968 in New Hampshire. This surprised some because his father George was a Republican state senator and was actively supporting Richard Nixon.

Pillsbury ran for United States Congress as a Green Party candidate in Connecticut's 3rd congressional district in 2002. He received 9,050 votes, for 4.9% of the total vote.[1]

Pillsbury is Co-Chair along with Alison Duncan of the Green Party's Dispute Resolution Committee.[2]



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