Charlene Spretnak (born 1946 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) is an author, academic and feminist credited with pioneering work in ecological thought and social criticism. She has contributed to the framing of the women's spirituality, ecofeminist and Green politics movements. Prof. Spretnak has also written three books on ecological politics and ecophilosophy. She is co-author of Green Politics: The Global Promise (Dutton, 1984), which was a catalyst for the forming of the Green Party of the United States; she was a co-founder of the party itself.

Spretnak teaches at the California Institute of Integral Studies, a private San Francisco, California-based graduate school whose programs focus on clinical psychology on one hand, and the study of the world's various spiritual traditions on the other.

Books by Charlene SpretnakEdit

  • Green Politics with Fritjof Capra
  • Missing Mary: The Queen of Heaven and Her Re-Emergence in the Modern Church
  • The Resurgence of the Real: Body, Nature, and Place in a Hypermodern World
  • States of Grace: Spiritual Grounding in the Postmodern Age' 1993
  • The Politics of Women's Spirituality : Essays by Founding Mothers of the Movement
  • Lost Goddesses of Early Greece: A Collection of Pre-Hellenic Myths
  • The Spiritual Dimension of Green Politics

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