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Bruno Masse, also known as Raven or Nox, was born 1982 in Quebec. He is an anarchist author,[1][2] researcher, activist,[3] publisher, musician and lyricist.[4] He has written several novels and poetry collections,[5][6] as well as three plays, two of which were enacted during the annual Montreal Anarchist Theatre Festival.[7][8][9][10] He has been co-founder and active part of such collectives as The End of the World Comittee, La Foret Noire[11] and Liberterre.[12] Masse is currently the synth player and lyricist for horror punk metal band The Bloody Band.[13]

Masse is also known for his extensive research of the radical green movement in Quebec.[14][15][16] He holds a bachelor and master degree in social geography from the University of Quebec in Montreal.


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  • Masse, Bruno and Roy-Simard, Lydia. La Quatrième Dimension ou les quarante impératifs de la révolution, End of the World Committee, 2008.
  • The Noxious and the Daemon Flower, La Forêt Noire, 2007. ISBN 978-0-978-30860-5.
  • Darkling One, La Forêt Noire, 2007.
  • L'Aube Noire, La Forêt Noire, 2005.
  • Recueil de poésie 2004, Independant, 2004.



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