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Bite Back is a Malaysia-registered website and magazine that promotes the cause of the animal liberation movement, and specifically the Animal Liberation Front (ALF).[3] According to The Sunday Times, the name is inspired by an arson campaign targeting the American fur industry throughout the 1990s.[4]

Its founder and editor, Nicolas Atwood, has said that Bite Back's mission is to "support animal rights prisoners of conscience and report on current events in the struggle."[5]


Bite Back was set up in 2001 by Atwood, an animal rights activist in West Palm Beach, Florida.[6] In March 2005, Atwood set up a Florida-based company, Bite Back Inc, to operate the site and magazine sales.[4]


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Bite Back acts as a forum for ALF activists, and a place they can leave claims of responsibility for direct action taken in pursuit of animal liberation.[7] In 2006, it was used to encourage attacks against Oxford University, publishing personal details of academics and calling on supporters to "do whatever it takes" to "blow these fucking monsters off the planet". [5]

In 2007, when incendiary devices were found at Templeton College, Oxford, Biteback reported a claim of responsibility on behalf of the Animal Liberation Front: "This latest action is part of an ongoing fight against the University of Oxford and its continued reign of terror over the unseen victims inside its animal labs."[8]

The FBI, while reportedly aware of the site, say action against it would breach the First Amendment protecting freedom of speech. [5]

In 2005, Bite Back published a "Direct Action Report," listing action carried out by activists on a global scale. It writes that, in 2004, 17,262 animals were "liberated," and 554 acts of sabotage, vandalism and arson were carried out.[3]



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