The Animal Liberation Front Supporters Group (ALFSG) is a legal, above-ground organization that exists to support those who have broken the law in the name of animal rights (particularly members of the Animal Liberation Front) and have been imprisoned or taken to court as a result. It also exists to promote understanding of the reasons why people feel forced to break the law in support of animal rights.

ALFSG support includes providing books and materials to prisoners, letter writing, legal aid, and media publicity.[1]


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The ALFSG began as the first Animal Liberation Press Office which regularly received anonymous claims of Animal Liberation Front actions that were then released to the wider news media.[2] The ALFSG also provided a public spokesperson for the animal liberation movement.

During the Sheffield and Cardiff trials of the mid-1980s, the press office portion of ALFSG disbanded to avoid charges of conspiracy and incitement.[3] In October 1991, a new press office was formed as a distinct entity, with Robin Webb — at the time, a member of the RSPCA ruling council — as the press officer in the UK. The ALFSG currently focuses on prisoner-support efforts, and has chapters all over the world.

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