Andrew Basham (born August 18, 1983 in Winnipeg) is an activist and politician in Manitoba, Canada. He was chosen as leader of the Green Party of Manitoba in 2006, and ran against premier Gary Doer in the 2007 provincial election. He has also campaigned for the Canadian House of Commons as a member of the Green Party of Canada.

First campaign and university careerEdit

Basham ran for the Green Party in the 2004 federal election, and finished fourth in the riding of Charleswood—St. James. He enrolled as an Environmental Studies student at the University of Winnipeg following the election, and became a coordinator for the group SUNSET (Sustainable University Now, Sustainable Earth Tomorrow). In the latter position, he conducted a campus-wide survey on criteria such as land, energy, air and health.[1] He planned to run in Elmwood—Transcona for the 2006 federal election, but withdrew in favour of another candidate.[2] He served on the university's Sustainability Taskforce for the 2005-06 year.[3]

Green Party leaderEdit

Basham was a member of the Green Party of Manitoba executive before his election as party leader, and wrote an essay in support of proportional representation for the party's August 2006 newsletter.[4] He was chosen as GPM leader in November 2006, defeating rival candidate David Carey. He has identified Lake Winnipeg, urban sprawl and climate change as his party's key priorities. His mother, Ardythe Basham, was party president prior to the 2006 convention.[5]

Basham led his party into the 2007 provincial election. He called for a provincial ban on cosmetic pesticides, and the introduction of a four-day work week. He also promised 1,500 subsidized housing units, and tax incentives for companies that sell organic foods.[6] The Greens fielded fifteen candidates, none of whom were elected. Basham himself ran against New Democratic Party leader and Premier of Manitoba Gary Doer, and finished fourth.

Table of offices heldEdit

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Electoral recordEdit

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All electoral information is taken from Elections Canada.

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