Template:Refimprove Template:Notability Template:Infobox Person Adam Saab born April 24 1982, is an Canadian politican who resides in Victoria, British Columbia.

Adam Saab was born in Smithers, British Columbia, Canada and grew up in Salmon Arm, British Columbia. He completed a double major in Philosophy and Psychology at the University of British Columbia in Kelowna. He also spent summers in Toronto working at the Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute in association with the University of Toronto studying the neuro-physiology of memory formation.

After his degree he moved to Victoria, British Columbia to further his schooling and be closer to his sister and his only niece and nephew. He developed a love of the city, especially the close knit community of Fernwood, Greater Victoria where he currently lives.

Politics Edit

Both of Adam's parents were involved in municipal and provincial politics[1][2]. He learned from a young age the importance of being politically active and the value of public service. A passionate environmentalist, Adam Saab joined the Green Party of Canada upon his arrival to Victoria and worked hard as a professional political organizer in municipal, provincial, and federal campaigns. He has generated more financial and volunteer support than the Green Party has ever seen in his riding.[3]

Adam Saab won the nomination for the Green Party Victoria Federal Candidate for the city of Victoria[4][5] on September 08, 2008. He is committed to principled politics and practical solutions, believing Canadian prosperity and well-being depends upon the balance between a strong economy and a healthy environment. He intends to build a government that is prepared for the challenges of climate change and an aging population. Saab understands the strain retiring baby boomers will place on social services as well as the need for vibrant local economies and long-term resource management. His key issues in the 2008 federal election are food security, water ‘as a right’, childcare and city infrastructure funding.[6]

On October 14th, 2008, in Canada's 40th General Election, Saab won 6,252 votes, or 10.5 % of the electorate[7]. The national percentage of votes won by his party (Green Party of Canada) was 6.8 %[8], while the provincial average (British Columbia) was 9.4 %[9].

References Edit

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